Jan 29

Homework 1/29/16

Portfolio Assignment

Gather and categorize your work. Bring as many portfolio worthy-samples to class as you can find. Use the attached Portfolio Assessment Form to make notes on each project (print as many copies as you need). It’s fine to include work that you feel is unfinished as long as it has potential to be developed into something you feel confident about.

Bring color prints of all projects (original projects, photos, or copies) to share with the class along with your written notes—we will pin them to the presentation board for a group assessment. Projects do not have to be printed at full size.

Reading Assignment

Graphic Design Portfolio Strategies Chapter 2: Portfolio Preparation

Jan 22

Homework 1/22/16

Class Assignment Worksheet

Complete the assignment and instructions described in the Goals Assessment handout.

Reading Assignment

Please obtain a copy of the required textbook. Read and be prepared to discuss:

Graphic Design Portfolio Strategies Chapter 1: The Purpose of your Portfolio

Note: This is the only chapter which will be available in PDF format so make sure to get your own copy of the textbook.

Jan 22


Greetings design students! This site will be our online meeting place to exchange information, find files and resources and generally keep up to date on the goings on for Spring 2016 section of VMD 190: Portfolio Preparation at City College of San Francisco. If you have not yet done so, please register as a user of this site now. If you missed class or are having difficulty logging in please email me for assistance.

—Tim Harrington, Instructor