Apr 22

Homework 4/22/16

Portfolio Book Milestones

You should now be in the final stages of revising the content and design of your printed portfolio book. Be sure to plan ahead to allow for any unexpected delays or difficulties in the printing process.

The final printed draft of your portfolio book must be ready for presentation in our final class on Friday, May 20. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this deadline.

Once you have completed the formatting for the printed version of your portfolio, start working on a version optimized to be viewed on screen in PDF format. (Some changes you’ll probably need to include are making sure the type is an appropriate size for reading and using single landscape-oriented pages instead of spreads).

Portfolio Website Milestones

At this point you should have confirmed/purchased the domain name and hosting plan you will be using to build your portfolio web site.

Be prepared to present a working draft/wireframe of your portfolio site Friday, April 29. We will present these drafts on-screen in class.

Final online portfolio presentations will take place Friday, May 13. (This is the second-from-final class, we will use the final class to present portfolio books and conduct mock interviews).

Résumé Milestones

Final design of résumé due Friday, May 6. Please bring printed and PDF versions.

Job Application

Begin researching posted job openings that you would be interested in applying for. (If you plan on working as an independent artist/designer you may research freelance gigs, contract work or calls for entries.) You will eventually choose one of these real job openings as the basis for your mock interview. Consider:

  • What kind of work does this employer do?
  • Does this employer’s workplace culture fit with your personality and ethics?
  • What is this employer looking for and how well do your qualifications fit their needs?
  • How would this position further your long-term career goals?
  • What makes you a uniquely qualified fit for this position?

Bring in a printed and PDF version of the job listings you find. A draft of your cover letter is due Friday, May 6.

Final job application packet (résumé and cover letter) due Friday, May 13 along with your final online portfolio.

Reading Assignment

Read and be prepared to discuss Graphic Design Portfolio Strategies Ch. 7: The Interactive Environment
Due Friday, April 29.

Mar 25

Homework 3/25/16

Schedule Reminder

No class next Friday, April 1 (Spring Break)

Portfolio Book Milestones

  1. COMPLETE draft of sequenced layout due Friday, April 8
  2. ALL projects and content should be included.
  3. Bring full-scale prints and PDF versions along with collected InDesign source files

Reading Assignment

Graphic Design Portfolio Strategies Ch. 8: Resume Package and Presentation

Résumé Milestones

Bring all information you will include in your resume including work history, education, skill sets, languages, contact information, objective, etc. You do NOT need to bring a complete formatted copy of your resume but please make sure you’ve collected all information you will include in it.