Mar 25

Homework 3/25/16

Schedule Reminder

No class next Friday, April 1 (Spring Break)

Portfolio Book Milestones

  1. COMPLETE draft of sequenced layout due Friday, April 8
  2. ALL projects and content should be included.
  3. Bring full-scale prints and PDF versions along with collected InDesign source files

Reading Assignment

Graphic Design Portfolio Strategies Ch. 8: Resume Package and Presentation

Résumé Milestones

Bring all information you will include in your resume including work history, education, skill sets, languages, contact information, objective, etc. You do NOT need to bring a complete formatted copy of your resume but please make sure you’ve collected all information you will include in it.

Mar 11

Homework 3/11/16

Written content for portfolio

Submit a complete draft of all written content for your portfolio. This should include any content from your introduction page (if you plan to include one) as well as complete descriptions for each project.

Portfolio format exploration

Sketch out concepts for your book format and layout. Consider what page proportions, size, format, cover/case, etc. will be most appropriate given your content and message.

Read and be prepared to discuss

Graphic Design Portfolio Strategies Chapter 5: Developing Layout & Sequence