Homework 4/4/16

Welcome back from Spring Break! We’ll be moving forward quickly on project 1. Remember that our final label designs will be due Monday, 4/11.

Project 1 Milestones (Due Wednesday, 4/6)

  • Create full-scale color comps for each of your three labels.
  • The labels do not need to be presented on the actual bottles/cans, but consider creating photoshop mockups to give an indication of what they would look like. (See the links page for demos).
  • Don’t forget to include or indicate all information that will be on the final label. This includes nutritional information. You can find a free online nutrition information generator here that will create text to meet official U.S. packaging specs.
  • As always, collect all sketches/comps/research as part of your process materials.

Reading Assignment (Due Monday, 4/11)

Package Design Workbook “The Art and Science of Package Design” pp. 30-61.

Type your answers to the following reflection questions and prepare to upload them as a PDF file for Tuesday’s class.

  • Briefly describe some of the attributes considered “left-brain” and “right-brain” thinking.
  • How is “product differentiation” critical to consumer choices?
  • Name five of the people involved in the “packaging design team” and describe their roles.
  • In your own words, give an overview of the research process that goes into building and maintaining a brand.

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