Apr 25

Quiz Study Topics

Please review the following topics for our quiz next Wednesday, May 6.

Glossary Terms

Structural Packaging Terminology (see earlier handout)

  • Bleed area
  • Construction Line
  • Corner
  • Crop marks
  • Die line
  • Edge
  • Face
  • Glue tab
  • Lid
  • Lid hinge
  • Lid tab
  • Mountain Fold
  • Net
  • Radius
  • Registration marks
  • Valley Fold

Textbook Terminology

  • ROI (pp.28)
  • Differentiation (pp. 16, 34)
  • Wow Factor (pp. 60)
  • Parity (pp. 70)
  • Packaging Process (pp. 78)
    • Discovery
    • Creation
    • Refinement
    • Implementation
    • Production
  • Qualities associated with different packaging (pp. 114-119)
    • Plastic bottle/container
    • Glass bottle/jar
    • Tin can
    • Beverage can
    • Aerosol can (note mislabeled text on pp. 116)
    • Paperboard
    • Corrugated Cardboard box/carton
    • Specialty carton
    • Bag
    • Blister pack
    • Clamshell
    • Wrappers

Sample short essay questions

  • How did Napoleon’s Army impact the history of packaging design? (pp.12)
  • How does Coca Cola’s brand depend on packaging design?
  • What are some of the most important ethical considerations for packaging design?
  • What is a target persona and why is it important to begin a design project by developing one?
Apr 20

Homework 4/20/16

Project 2 Milestones:

  • Final printed and assemble comps due Monday, April 25
  • Please turn in a PDF file that includes 1) your hand-drawn measurements, 2) the mechanical file outline indicating dielines and folds, and the 3) final print-ready artwork

Reading Assignment

Packaging Design Workbook: “Unlocking the Power of Design” pp.62-75

In your own words, summarize each of these “keys to success” in 2-3 sentences. Type your answers and turn them in as a PDF for Wednesday, April 27.

  1. Don’t react—Proact
  2. Connect on an emotional level
  3. Don’t settle for parity
  4. Focus on core values
  5. Validate appropriately
  6. Collaborate
Apr 13

Homework 4/13/16

Project 1 Milestones

All process materials for project 1 due Monday, 4/18.

Project 2 Milestones

Please review the Project 2 overview below for details on what is due next week. Begin by taking careful measurements of the sample boxes distributed in class on Wednesday in preparation for creating a new mechanical file in Adobe Illustrator on Monday. Also begin exploring ideas for new graphics to use on your redesigned package.

Project 2: Deconstructing a Box (In-class handout)

Apr 06

Homework 4/6/16

Project 1 Milestones

UPDATE: Final presentation for bottle labels has been moved one class to Wednesday, April 13. All students must arrive in class on time with complete projects and process materials for full credit.

Bring full-scale color comps and samples of physical bottles/cans for final review on Monday, April 11.

Reading Assignment

Refer to the previous post for reading assignment due Monday, April 11.