15 thoughts on “NewEgg Comps 5/6/14

  1. Good clarity overall. Consider getting rid of the gray bar on top and leaving it white to open up the space. Consider having price be on the same line, right now it varies from item to item.

  2. Check for spelling errors, such as “Labtops” on the home page. Good job slimming down the layout and removing the huge amount of clutter, and retaining the same look and feel that Newegg has established as part of their identity.

  3. Very clean layout. I feel it is less cluttered and looks much better visually, but I also feel like it may have been too overly simplified. I would find a way to incorporate more tools and functionality into the site, but still in a way that would improve the shopper’s experience

  4. Header > Make logo bigger. Ditch all the buttons so theres just one, probably “search”
    Homepage > Please line up all the prices. Very Staggered
    I like the grey areas and the huge photos, but i need more RAM!

  5. Looking much better than the original site. Seems like a nav is missing. Shop all products is too broad. Keep colors more consistent. The light blue header for Featured Categories is the only place it has that color. Since this is a huge website with a lot of content I think the footer needs to be a bit more expanded with sub categories. It’s way too simple right now for this kind of website.

  6. The header seems like a app more than a iphone/Ipad app. Overall very nicely laid out, I think you could add more elements to the home page, Everything seems like it has lot of space. Product info is clean and easily scannable.

  7. Great job stripping out excessive and redundant content! It’s way cleaner now than the original site. One thing I noticed is that the content on the different pages seem to be aligned differently in relation to the header. Maybe, on page #2, you can have 3 items per row instead of 4 since you’ve got the “narrow your search” column on the left. Also, the type treatment in the footer is very different than the type treatment in the header. It looks too big in the footer. I like the treatment of the breadcrumbs on page #3.

  8. Maybe the bkg color, the logo doesn’t stand out compare to the current site.
    Like: the add/delete filter function.
    the currency tab.
    the 2nd search engine inside a tab indicates that “the search within this category”
    Great job 🙂

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