14 thoughts on “FTD Comps 5/6/14

  1. Overall nice clean design!

    With the cart page, I don’t think you need the arrow next to the “remove item” link, and you might consider dropping the underline for all links. It seems a bit old fashioned, especially with the classic blue text treatment.

  2. Nice and clean.
    Footer has too much visual weight and attracts my eye to it all the time.
    Color picker for flower has a bit too many options, a whole color wheel. Trimming it down to just the basic colors will be more effective, experience wise. Also the option to choose more than one color.
    See the zappos website for example.

  3. Header and footer should be more uniform throughout all other pages (the gold bar extends the entire width of the page for some, extra filter box for types of products, etc.). The “Take me to the top” button looks like it’s in an awkward position on the homepage unless it scrolls along with the screen, and looks like it should be on other pages as well. Color wheel is nice, but what about black petals?

  4. I would find a way to make the “check availability” a little more prominent. The old page was flawed, but at least it had its own section with bigger text. This one, was harder to find. I did not notice it right away. Visually, there’s no color to differentiate it and the text size is exactly the same as the nav links below.

  5. I think the layout is a lot more simple and easy to navigate. I agree with Tim, don’t allow this” above the fold” design limitate you. You could add more flowers on the home page of the site for easier navigation and less “click throughs” for your user.

    Good work!!

  6. Love the direction the redesign is going. It is way more inviting and manageable for the consumer. Footer can be improved. Logo a little tight with the figure and the circle.

  7. Nice clean redesign.
    Like the “Take me to the Top” button on the side.
    It looks nicer, If u can simplify the button… maybe just a word “Top”.
    Nice that u have Breadcrumb trail to indicate where the page is.
    You have “Home” on the breadcrumb trail, but you don’t have “Home” page button for it to refer to.
    Love the color picker.
    Great work!

  8. Color picker is a great feature, as well as “take me to the top”.
    Clear layout with enough empty space for easy navigation.
    Good job guys!

  9. Re: Check Availability
    I think the filter to see items available in the “zip the user is sending to” needs to be more prominent if it is to be a logical start to the shopping experience. You wouldn’t want the User clicking on flowers they cannot purchase it would just set them up for disappointment later and waster their time.

  10. The redesign is so more refreshing to look at, great job!
    I suggested reversing the logo colors. I would suggest trying “mercury guy” w/o a background.

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