Jan 28

Homework 1/28/14

Read and be prepared to discuss:

Project 1 Milestones:

Jan 22

Homework 1/23/14

Project 1 Milestones due TUESDAY, 1/28:

  • Due TUESDAY, 1/28:
    • Design brief for Golden Gate Park website
    • Research related to Golden Gate Park
    • Target audience profile, including
      • A stock image of the person you are envisioning as your target audience
      • A detailed summary of this person’s background, interests, lifestyle, demographics, income, etc.
      • How would this person be likely to use the park (i.e. First time tourist looking for museum info? Regular visitor looking for street closure information?)
      • You will use this person as an inspiration for your “mood board” (more details next week)
  • Ongoing tasks for project 1:
    • Continue to collect all information and research in a process book to be turned in at the conclusion of this assignment
    • You will be responsible for creating original imagery for this project, so this is a good time to start planning park visits to take photos and do hands-on research.

Reading Assignment

Jan 20

Homework 1/21/14

Project 1 Milestones

  • Download & read assignment sheet—Project 1: Golden Gate Park Web Site
  • Research Golden Gate Park:
    • What are ways that people use Golden Gate Park?
    • What services does that park provide that might be useful to include in a web site?
    • Begin gathering data about who uses the park
    • Begin collecting examples of competing web sites
    • What’s the current state of the park on the web?
    • Be prepared to tell me three things I don’t already know about the park
  • Begin to organize research into a project/design brief due Tuesday, 1/28
Jan 13

Homework 1/14/14

1. Bring a sample of a what you would call a “good web site”.

  • Include 3 reasons why you think interacting with this site is successful. (10pts)
  • Include 2 things you would do to improve the site. (5pts)
  • Provide a sketch/mock up of how you would improve things. (5pts)
  • Due Tuesday, January 21.

2. Register for the class field trip

Jan 09


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