Class Info

Course Description

This class is an advanced graphic design course focusing on the development of a personal voice and conceptual approach to design thinking. We will explore how our industry both influences and is influenced by society and what individual roles we play in that dynamic. This is not a class for learning basic technical skills; it is assumed you are already familiar with graphic and layout software, some basic knowledge of graphic design history, and other relevant skill sets.

Course Objectives

  • Refine and reflect on your design process, including research and design writing
  • Develop your personal design philosophy and career goals
  • Develop a distinct visual style that reflects that philosophy
  • Create portfolio-worthy work that expresses your visual style

Course Projects

There will be three major projects completed in this class. Details for each will be provided as the term progresses.

  • Infographic: Distill a complicated collection of data into an easy-to-understand visual format.
  • Visual Manifesto: Write a personal design philosophy and find a visually appropriate format to present that written philosophy.
  • Rebranding: Research an existing business or organization that could benefit from a branding update and develop a comprehensive visual identity to meet those needs.


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