Feb 25

Homework 2/25/14

Project 1: Part II Milestones

  • Complete your redesigned web site based on in-class feedback.
  • Revised version of your web site due in Narrativ format Thursday, 2/27
  • Be sure to also bring a copy of your site in screen-optimized PDF format. Name the new file “GGP2_Firstname_Lastname.pdf” (Using your first and last name.) Note: if the PDF file in your original presentation included the persona/mood board slides you don’t have to include them again in this version.
  • Add your revised website and notes from in-class feedback to your process book and re-submit it with your final presentation.
  • Make sure your PDF file, Narrativ presentation and revised process book are all ready before class begins on Thursday.

Project 2 Preparation

  • Based on research you’ve already completed for the Golden Gate Park web site, begin compiling a list of ideas for custom-made Mobile Apps that would be useful to park visitors.