May 12

Final Presentation Guidelines & Grade Breakdown

For the final part of this assignment each group will give a formal presentation of their site re-design to the class. Please present as if you were presenting to a client.

As with any presentation given to a client, remember that the on-screen portion of the presentation should be formatted for easy reading on-screen. For example, you should generally use short blocks of text in bullet points rather than long narrative paragraphs of text for easy scanning.

Use the following format for your presentation:

  1. Title Page (example: “Willy’s Widgets Site Redesign by Group 1, May 20, 2014”)
  2. Introduction to the team with short bios
  3. Briefly summarize the research you’ve done for this site and what you’ve learned
  4. Explain the problem you’re trying to solve and the goals for the site
  5. Show the original site and point out what could be improved (4 pages max)
  6. Show the pages you’ve redesigned and talk us through the user experience (i.e. land on home page, browse for item, see details, add to cart and check out)
  7. Conclusion and next steps: Use this as an opportunity to remind us once again of the problem and sell us on why your solution is successful.

Your complete presentation should run about 15 minutes. I recommend rehearsing your presentations as a group.

Part of your final grade will be based on how cohesive this presentation works as a whole as well as your individual contribution for the in-class presentation.

You can download a PDF file with a complete grade breakdown/checklist for the final project here:

Site Redesign Project Grade Breakdown, Spring 2014

May 08

Homework: Final Stretch!

Can you believe next week is our last week of regular class sessions? Anyway, here’s the game plan:

Tuesday, May 13

  • Critique 2 for group web site redesign.
  • You should carefully review peer feedback from the first critique to make sure you have addressed any important design concerns.
  • Interactive Mockup due, make sure mockup is functional and online by the beginning of class.
  • This will be your final chance for full-class feedback on the site design.

Thursday, May 15

  • Complete draft of Design Brief due.
  • This brief is a PDF document that will accompany your presentation, just like the PDF file you created for your app presentation.
  • Design Brief should include a basic introduction, research, target persona, user scenario, etc.
  • Don’t forget to make sure PDF is optimized for on-screen viewing. (File size <10mb, landscape format, etc.)

Tuesday, May 20

  • Final group presentations.
  • Final interactive mockups and final design brief PDF files due.
  • Arrive on time and ready to present for full credit.
  • Peer feedback forms due.
Apr 24

Homework 4/24/14

Project 3 Milestones

Gather materials that represent the overall design aesthetic you’re exploring for the redesigned site. Be sure to include:

  • Sample color palettes that create a good overall mood for the site. One resource for exploring and creating color palettes: Adobe Kuler
  • Sample typefaces for the site. Explore typefaces for both headlines and body copy. Be sure to make sure all typefaces are available as web fonts.
  • Existing examples (web sites or printed materials) of projects that use a visual style that you may borrow from/use as inspiration for your new site. These samples don’t necessarily need to be from organizations in the same industry; for example you might like the way a certain magazine is laid out or borrow textural elements from a photocopied flyer.

Prepare to share in class Tuesday, April 29.

Apr 21

Site Redesign Resources

Here are some good examples and resources for web site redesign.

Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign (A List Apart)

Awesome Recent Website Redesigns (Web Designer Depot)

Top 10 Biggest Website Redesigns of All Time (Freelance Folder)

CNN Redesign Deconstructed Article (Web Designer Depot)

Blog post about the redesign

37 Signal’s 37 “Better” Project, lays out several redesign ideas with a usability focus

Imaginary conceptual redesign of Google search

Imaginary conceptual redesign for Craig’s List (Wired)

Here are some behind the scenes of The NYTimes redesign

Redesign of the Expression Engine site