Mar 20

Homework 3/20/14

Project 2 Milestones due Tuesday, 3/25

  • Complete first draft of app UX diagram (using “Gliffy” or similar tool)
  • 5 “tight” icon comps (in color)
  • Prepare to present on-screen in PDF format

Project 2 Milestones due Thursday, 3/27

Mar 13

Homework 3/13/14

Project 2 Milestones

  • Mood board for iPhone App
    • Should fit with persona
    • Colors, typefaces, screen grabs from similar apps
    • Collage onto 1 slide
    • Due Tuesday 3/18
  • 20 thumbnails for possible App icons (how app appears in the dock)
    • Sketch by hand
    • Due Tuesday 3/18
  • Create sketches for home screen
    • 5 Sketches for home screen (w/primary menu)
    • Use PDF template provided or JPEG version below.
    • Prepare to share on-screen (scan into PDF)
    • Due Thursday 3/20

    iPhone Sketch Sheet (JPEG)

Mar 11

Homework 3/11/14

Project 2 Milestones

Now that you have chosen a final idea to develop for a Golden Gate Park iPhone app, complete the Mobile App Research assignment in the attached PDF file below. Deliverables for this app include:

  • App definition
  • Features List
  • Persona
  • Scenario
  • Competitive Research

Prepare this assignment as a screen-ready PDF file ready to share next class. Don’t forget to include your name and class in the file. Name your PDF file in the following format: AppResearch_firstname_lastname.pdf

Due Wednesday, March 13

Assignment Sheet

Mobile App Research Assignment (PDF)

Mar 04

Homework 3/4/14

Read and be prepared to discuss:

Narrow your ideas for Golden Gate Park apps to top 2. For each, write:

  • What user needs would this app accomplish?
  • What features might the app include?
  • What hardware features might it take advantage of? (i.e. location services, camera, microphone, etc.)
  • How would it serve a need beyond what people could accomplish using a mobile version of the GGP site?