May 08

Homework: Final Stretch!

Can you believe next week is our last week of regular class sessions? Anyway, here’s the game plan:

Tuesday, May 13

  • Critique 2 for group web site redesign.
  • You should carefully review peer feedback from the first critique to make sure you have addressed any important design concerns.
  • Interactive Mockup due, make sure mockup is functional and online by the beginning of class.
  • This will be your final chance for full-class feedback on the site design.

Thursday, May 15

  • Complete draft of Design Brief due.
  • This brief is a PDF document that will accompany your presentation, just like the PDF file you created for your app presentation.
  • Design Brief should include a basic introduction, research, target persona, user scenario, etc.
  • Don’t forget to make sure PDF is optimized for on-screen viewing. (File size <10mb, landscape format, etc.)

Tuesday, May 20

  • Final group presentations.
  • Final interactive mockups and final design brief PDF files due.
  • Arrive on time and ready to present for full credit.
  • Peer feedback forms due.
Apr 24

Homework 4/24/14

Project 3 Milestones

Gather materials that represent the overall design aesthetic you’re exploring for the redesigned site. Be sure to include:

  • Sample color palettes that create a good overall mood for the site. One resource for exploring and creating color palettes: Adobe Kuler
  • Sample typefaces for the site. Explore typefaces for both headlines and body copy. Be sure to make sure all typefaces are available as web fonts.
  • Existing examples (web sites or printed materials) of projects that use a visual style that you may borrow from/use as inspiration for your new site. These samples don’t necessarily need to be from organizations in the same industry; for example you might like the way a certain magazine is laid out or borrow textural elements from a photocopied flyer.

Prepare to share in class Tuesday, April 29.

Apr 17

Homework 4/17/14

Group Site Redesign Project Milestones

  1. As a team, confirm final site selection for redesign project (ASAP)
  2. As a group, divide responsibility for researching this organization‘s site, including
    1. Organizational history
    2. Target demographics
      1. Include sample personas
    3. User needs/how visitors use the site
      1. Include a written scenario for what a typical user experience might look like.
    4. Competitor sites
      1. Include competitive analysis
    5. Strengths and weaknesses of existing site
      1. Visual strengths & weaknesses
      2. Functional strengths & weaknesses
    6. Basic site map for existing web site structure
      1. This is a simple diagram showing how site content is organized
  3. Begin working on wireframes for a redesigned version of the site
    1. Create wireframes for 3 page types including home page
    2. Wireframes are simple depictions of how page content is blocked out, but don’t show what the actual design will look like
  4. Group research presentation and wireframes due Thursday 4/24. You will have 10-15 minutes as a group to present your research and proposed wireframes.
Apr 15

Homework 4/15/14

Group Site Redesign Project

For our final project for this class you will work in small groups to redesign a website for an existing company or organization. Before being assigned to a group you will individually research at least 3 existing sites that you think would make good candidates for this project.

Criteria for potential client sites:

  • May be either a non-profit organization or a for-profit company.
  • Must be a site for a mid-size to large organization (annual revenues of around $1M or more)
  • Must include a shopping cart/e-commerce function (either for an online store, donations, etc.)
  • Home page includes some kind of dynamic/constantly updated content
  • Current site has at least 10 pages.

Prepare a PDF file with screen shots of each and a paragraph for each site explaining some ways you think the site could be improved. Also include a link to each site from the PDF file.

Due Thursday, April 16.

Mar 20

Homework 3/20/14

Project 2 Milestones due Tuesday, 3/25

  • Complete first draft of app UX diagram (using “Gliffy” or similar tool)
  • 5 “tight” icon comps (in color)
  • Prepare to present on-screen in PDF format

Project 2 Milestones due Thursday, 3/27

Mar 13

Homework 3/13/14

Project 2 Milestones

  • Mood board for iPhone App
    • Should fit with persona
    • Colors, typefaces, screen grabs from similar apps
    • Collage onto 1 slide
    • Due Tuesday 3/18
  • 20 thumbnails for possible App icons (how app appears in the dock)
    • Sketch by hand
    • Due Tuesday 3/18
  • Create sketches for home screen
    • 5 Sketches for home screen (w/primary menu)
    • Use PDF template provided or JPEG version below.
    • Prepare to share on-screen (scan into PDF)
    • Due Thursday 3/20

    iPhone Sketch Sheet (JPEG)

Mar 11

Homework 3/11/14

Project 2 Milestones

Now that you have chosen a final idea to develop for a Golden Gate Park iPhone app, complete the Mobile App Research assignment in the attached PDF file below. Deliverables for this app include:

  • App definition
  • Features List
  • Persona
  • Scenario
  • Competitive Research

Prepare this assignment as a screen-ready PDF file ready to share next class. Don’t forget to include your name and class in the file. Name your PDF file in the following format: AppResearch_firstname_lastname.pdf

Due Wednesday, March 13

Assignment Sheet

Mobile App Research Assignment (PDF)