Homework 4/15/14

Group Site Redesign Project

For our final project for this class you will work in small groups to redesign a website for an existing company or organization. Before being assigned to a group you will individually research at least 3 existing sites that you think would make good candidates for this project.

Criteria for potential client sites:

  • May be either a non-profit organization or a for-profit company.
  • Must be a site for a mid-size to large organization (annual revenues of around $1M or more)
  • Must include a shopping cart/e-commerce function (either for an online store, donations, etc.)
  • Home page includes some kind of dynamic/constantly updated content
  • Current site has at least 10 pages.

Prepare a PDF file with screen shots of each and a paragraph for each site explaining some ways you think the site could be improved. Also include a link to each site from the PDF file.

Due Thursday, April 16.

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