Apr 24

Homework 4/24/14

Project 3 Milestones

Gather materials that represent the overall design aesthetic you’re exploring for the redesigned site. Be sure to include:

  • Sample color palettes that create a good overall mood for the site. One resource for exploring and creating color palettes: Adobe Kuler
  • Sample typefaces for the site. Explore typefaces for both headlines and body copy. Be sure to make sure all typefaces are available as web fonts.
  • Existing examples (web sites or printed materials) of projects that use a visual style that you may borrow from/use as inspiration for your new site. These samples don’t necessarily need to be from organizations in the same industry; for example you might like the way a certain magazine is laid out or borrow textural elements from a photocopied flyer.

Prepare to share in class Tuesday, April 29.

Apr 21

Site Redesign Resources

Here are some good examples and resources for web site redesign.

Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign (A List Apart)


Awesome Recent Website Redesigns (Web Designer Depot)


Top 10 Biggest Website Redesigns of All Time (Freelance Folder)


CNN Redesign Deconstructed Article (Web Designer Depot)


Blog post about the NPR.org redesign


37 Signal’s 37 “Better” Project, lays out several redesign ideas with a usability focus


Imaginary conceptual redesign of Google search


Imaginary conceptual redesign for Craig’s List (Wired)


Here are some behind the scenes of The NYTimes redesign


Redesign of the Expression Engine site


Apr 17

Homework 4/17/14

Group Site Redesign Project Milestones

  1. As a team, confirm final site selection for redesign project (ASAP)
  2. As a group, divide responsibility for researching this organization‘s site, including
    1. Organizational history
    2. Target demographics
      1. Include sample personas
    3. User needs/how visitors use the site
      1. Include a written scenario for what a typical user experience might look like.
    4. Competitor sites
      1. Include competitive analysis
    5. Strengths and weaknesses of existing site
      1. Visual strengths & weaknesses
      2. Functional strengths & weaknesses
    6. Basic site map for existing web site structure
      1. This is a simple diagram showing how site content is organized
  3. Begin working on wireframes for a redesigned version of the site
    1. Create wireframes for 3 page types including home page
    2. Wireframes are simple depictions of how page content is blocked out, but don’t show what the actual design will look like
  4. Group research presentation and wireframes due Thursday 4/24. You will have 10-15 minutes as a group to present your research and proposed wireframes.