Homework 2/18/14

Project 1 Milestones

Now that you have completed your first presentation of a complete site redesign for Golden Gate Park, you will use in-class feedback to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your design and present an improved revised version.

  • Based on in-class discussion and peer feedback forms, type up a list of the following by next class (2/20):
    • What aspects of your site design seemed to create the most positive feedback?
    • What things about your site design created confusion or other negative feedback?
    • What was one example of feedback that surprised you?
    • What was something that impressed you about a fellow student’s presentation enough that you might use a similar idea for your own revisions?
  • The revised version of your web site will be presented as an interactive mockup using Narrativ. Please familiarize yourself with this platform by signing up for a free account and watching the instructional videos.

Other homework

Be prepared to take a short written quiz on Gestalt Theory (see reading assignment from last week).

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