Jul 17

Final Project Requirements

Hello Class,

When we started the final project on Wednesday 7/16 I said that I would not require a full color printout for the final project. On reflection I have decided that this would be a mistake since assembling a full-color mockup with bleeds is an important skill for anyone interested in going into publishing. So to be perfectly clear: I will be grading the final project according to the original project specs as described in the course reader on page 147, which means you should plan on creating the full color mockup.

Unfortunately we do not have an oversize color printer available in class so you will need to plan ahead to print and assemble your color comp before the final on Thursday 7/24. I will do an in-class demonstration on how to assemble a full-size comp on Tuesday, 7/22.

Jun 14


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—Tim Harrington, Instructor