Packaging Design

Garrett’s Granola

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Developed the branding guidelines, labels, collateral and web development for “Garrett’s Granola,” a San Francisco-based startup and ecommerce site.

Hot Wheels 2007 Lineup

As a freelance designer for Mattel I helped develop and implement the packaging and visual standards for the 2007 Hot Wheels product lineup. Design work included graphics for playset box packaging and blister-packs for die cast cars.

TasteBuds Instant Herb Garden


Conceptual design for a self-contained eco-friendly herb garden. A variety of edible herbs can be grown in the convenience of ones’ kitchen by opening and watering the package. When plants grow larger the inner cartons can be transferred to larger pots.

Antopia Education Kit

Conceptual packaging design for a kit designed to teach kids ages 8 and up about the fascinating world of ants. The kit includes a translucent farm with a light-up base along with other fun educational materials.

Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon

Packaging and manual design for Star Wars: Flight of the Falcon, a video game licensed by LucasArts and published by THQ for the Game Boy Advance platform.

Rolling Stones DVD

A series of four packaging design concepts created for a business proposal by Ivy Hill to distribute a DVD recording of a Rolling Stones concert performed live on HBO. Finished prototypes were created from mechanicals.

EverQuest Packaging

Packaging design and layout for the EverQuest video game expansion packs.